Let the celebration compliment your newly proclaimed life together by allowing our expertise to cater to your important requirements.


Here at the Grecian Park we offer you the choice of reception areas to suit your every need:


  • Xasteria Bar - A more private setting for your cutting of the cake ceremony and drinks. A very modern and inviting venue.
  • Cliff Bar- This secluded outdoor venue serving cocktails, will leave you feeling as if you are in another world.
  • Sea View Marquee- Offering magnificent views of the Mediterranean, this shaded outdoor venue will ensure the success of your reception.
  • The Pavilion-A smaller version of the Sea View Marquee offering beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Umi Restaurant-Used for cocktails and cutting of the cake only, this venue allows you to enjoy a private affair overlooking Cape Greco.
  • The Pool Terrace-With its panoramic views over the sea, this area is perfect for outdoor lunches or dinners.
  • George Seferis Room - A luxurious air-conditioned indoor venue offering privacy and sophistication.
  • Antaeus Restaurant - Our in-house restaurant is ideal to cater for couples wishing to hold an event within a more elegant environment.
  • Privé Bar-After dinner, you can move your wedding celebrations to this DJ venue.   The White Bar is for private use only and would be offered exclusively to your wedding party.